Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dr Phil McGraw - Getting Real

In his trademark "tell-it-like-it-is" style, Dr. Phil McGraw presents an enlightening and entertaining workshop on how to "get real" - in relationships and in life. He explains how to live by design, as opposed to living reactively, and urges you to "step out of the comfort zone" by evaluating everything in your life based on whether it's working or not.

Tape 1: On this tape, Dr. Phil tackles the first Law of Life - "you either get it or you don't: - as a way to show how choices made in your behavior lead to specific consequences.

Tape 2: Dr. Phil effectively drives home the point that your relationship with yourself should be the most important one in your life, and shows how important it is to pay attention to your internal dialogue and test the assumptions that you believe are facts.

Tape 3: Dr. Phil shares his "personal relationship values," which are tips for helping you make your relationships as positive and mutually fulfilling as they can be. He also urges you to give up on being a "right-fighter" and actually communicate with and listen to your partner.

Tape 4: According to Dr. Phil, you can "behave your way to success." He points out that intimacy has very little to do with physical acts - it's based on making your own needs known, risking vulnerability, and working to discover and meet the needs of your partner.

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